Because more and more electricity is being consumed and generated sustainably in the Brabant region, the transport of electricity is also increasing. The current above-ground 150 kV connection between Tilburg Noord and Best will have insufficient transport capacity within a few years to meet the growing demand for electricity. In addition, this is an old connection, and the masts require major maintenance.
In order to maintain the 150kV connection with Boxtel in the future, a connection point was needed at Oirschot.
Design primary installations including steel structures and construction
BOSING has been commissioned to execute a complete primary design, including steel structures, lightning protection and earthing grid/earthing. In addition, BOSING was contracted to supply and instal complete steel structure (produced in our own factory in Bosnia) as well as to supply and install clamps and busbars/conductors.

Preliminary delivery of the 150kV connection point in Oirschot has recently taken place. A beautiful and challenging project to work on. We thank Dynniq/Heijmans for the assignment and good cooperation and look forward to realizing other projects that we are now working on together.