Project data

Sector:  Energy industry
Client: Joulz BV
Job: Basic engineering, detail engineering
Size: various constructions


Joulz BV, together with Imtech Belgium BV, has been awarded the order for the construction and commissioning of two switching stations, 150/36 kV and 36/11 kV, for the expansion of the TOTAL refinery. These stations will be delivered completely by Joulz and Imtech: new buildings, high, medium and low voltage installations, all components for station automation, ICT networks and security and all supporting installations.

Since all kinds of el. components, transformers, switch boxes, etc. necessary supports had to be designed and worked out, Bosing was asked to contribute ideas. We accepted the challenge and designed various constructions in record time. After necessary reviews and some additions / changes, all matters were further elaborated for production. Good weekly drawings as well as material lists ensured that the whole was produced and assembled at a fast pace.