BOSING was started in 2007, by Mr. Amir Jatic, as an engineering and consultancy company in the field of complex projects, mainly in non-residential construction and energy infrastructure. The vision has always been to build a reliable company where clients can go with various issues. Through an innovative and flexible approach, guided by a personal drive, clients would be completely unburdened. In addition, by choosing off-the-beaten paths, BOSING was truly progressive and far ahead of the competition when it comes to new technologies (such as 3D, BIM, etc.).

Development BOSING
Through recurring orders from satisfied customers, the BOSING team has been able to build up considerable experience and expertise. 
We always saw different challenges within projects, at both RNBs and TSOs, and we offered innovative solutions. This has allowed us to develop new products that became a standard within the energy market. This innovative approach and our reliability have ensured that the clients requested BOSING to produce and install these products themselves. After the successful implementations of our products in dozens of projects, clients also asked us to supply and install other products for which we have now provided design. This has made BOSING a unique company in the Netherlands in the field of energy distribution and transport. In addition to a strong team of engineers and advisors who solve the largest and most complex issues related to energy distribution and transport, we also have our own factory for the production of steel structures, we supply and install special products (high and medium voltage components, clamps, busbars, flexible conductors, copper rail, copper/aluminium earthing, etc.) with our own certified technicians. There are few companies in the Netherlands that can say this.
That is why we often say that many people do not know BOSING, but they do know projects that we have designed and built.

BOSING's portfolio is quite full for the coming period. However, due to our flexibility, we can always quickly assist existing clients with our services and products.
BOSING is and will always be a reliable partner for our clients and relations.
We do not shy away from a challenge.