The market is getting more and more freedom and responsibility in the realization of projects. Whereas clients used to work out everything in detail, nowadays they limit themselves to plan elaboration, establishing preconditions and making agreements with the environment. After this they transfer the work to the market. To do this properly, they always work with Systems Engineering (SE).

Due to the influence of the market, tasks and roles shift between those involved, and due to the increasing size and complexity of projects, parties have to transfer more information. Systems Engineering is a way to record all this information centrally and unambiguously. This makes it possible to control the needs of the end user throughout the entire life cycle of the system.

What is Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering is mainly about customer requirements, design considerations and choices made. By properly storing this information, we prevent miscommunication. This prevents errors, delays and damage.


Clear communication between the client and contractor is essential. The client must clearly describe the question, the contractor must carefully design, verify and validate the technical solutions in order to guarantee the quality of the work. The parties involved must also record basic principles and agreements with the environment. The complexity of new contract forms, with which projects are tendered out in full, only increase the need for structured working.

Bosing and Systems Engineering

Client describes requirements and functions. This gives Bosing freedom of design. That is why we must perform the decomposition of the (sub) systems to be realized into objects. Bosing works with a V-model (XT) and determines at an early stage of the project per (sub) system at which level it must be verified. This makes integral design a structured process. At the end, the designed solution must be tested against customer and system requirements in order to demonstrate compliance.

Using SE?

It is very important to adopt the right attitude and behavior throughout the organization so that you can actually make SE work. This applies to both clients and contractors. Coherence is central to this.

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